At Redland Baptist Church,
we serve an awesome God. We worship and celebrate the
true and living God because, “It is all God’s Work”.

It is the desire of everyone at Redland Baptist Church,
that all who would come in, with pain or fear,
with guilt or grief, will have felt welcomed
and have felt God’s love because, “It is all God’s Work”.

This is the place where eyes are opened
to God’s truth, where ears long deaf hear their names
spoken in love, where those who have forgotten how to
sing discover anew a joy that refuses to remain silent,
because “It is all God’s work”.

Our invitation to you is this; join us in the field
of the harvest, allow God to use you, to reach and touch
people only you can. Be who God wants you to be, in the
ministry of Redland Baptist Church.

If you've been thinking, praying, searching and
hoping for a place to belong, we say again...